Four Way Books
by Joan Aleshire

ISBN: 978-1-935536-22-2
paper, 144 pages, $15.95

“In these graceful, highly-detailed poems, Aleshire investigates a privileged childhood and young adulthood of the 1940's and 50's, a time so different from our own as to be truly from another world. If one of the functions of poetry is to freeze moments in time, Aleshire succeeds brilliantly in this chronological sequence beginning with birth and moving year-by-year, and sometimes month-by-month to her mother's death. The effect of such a richness of detail is almost like seeing a film of a sixty-year period, except that these are poems and display an excellent poet's control of language and all of a poet's complicated tools. Aleshire's poems are as much sound as sense, and together they don't so much talk about a vanished time as recreate it with all its many levels of actuality and gradations of emotion."
—Stephen Dobyns