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Four Way Books
by Debra Allbery

Congratulations to Debra Allbery, winner of the 2010 Grub Street National Poetry Prize for Fimbul-Winter

ISBN: 978-1-935536-04-8
paper, 96 pages, $15.95

“A verbal Vermeer of quiet ordinary moments when time uncannily pauses, Debra Allbery has with the keenest sensitivity caught the sound, the scent, and the look of intense and yet elusive meaningfulness.... This is a delicate, artful, haunting book.”

—Reginald Gibbons

“...Bright and singular, the poems unfold, and in unfolding, disclose the revelatory amid the diurnal...Allbery offers us the surprise, the uncanniness, and the strange familiarity of the world seen afresh, sincerely, keenly.”

—Eric Pankey

“...Debra Allbery’s poems wander intricate, burning and barely contained under their quiet surface.... Here is a poet who listens, who weighs until all comes remote, comes close, from that place where poetry itself begins: ‘the country of Erstwhile, of Meanwhile, of Still.’”

—Marianne Boruch