Four Way Books
Stories That Listen
by Priscilla Becker

ISBN: 978-1-935536-05-5
paper, 72 pages, $15.95

“‘There is no argument for yourself.’ This is one of the last lines of this impressive book. Priscilla Becker presents a mixture of feeling and thought, or rather the interaction between them. The internal world is continuously confronted with external reality. This poetry makes you both feel and think intensively.”

—Rutger Kopland

“There's a distinct meditation in Priscilla Becker's poetry. As if she's stripping away the confounding effluvia of emotion to reveal its essence in sad yet smiling lines. It's all very personal yet, like music with its beguiling sensuality, a shared experience of love, both intimate and distant.”

—Thurston Moore

“Becker's second book is even better than her first, which legitimately deserved the praise which hailed it. Her voice bleeds and breathes with a paradoxically innocent wisdom, a freshness of perception unique as air. They open the page: they close the book. Becker is the best.”

—Bill Knott