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Four Way Books
Degrees of Latitude
by Laurel Blossom

ISBN-10: 1-884800-80-7
ISBN-13: 978-1-884800-80-1
paper, 94 pages, $15.95

We all lived together in the big stone house, my mother, my father, my two brothers and me.

Like bats, avoiding each other by radar.


Even now:

When we (that is, Lionel and I) invite Buddy and his wife to go dancing, he says there’s a thirty percent chance.

No, he says, you have to understand. That’s up from zero.


Thirty-five million years ago. Ice began to form.


In my crib I could hear them by the fireless fireside.

In silhouette, silent, my Arctic family circle: mother, father, Buddy, Will.

My father might have called it a den of inequity.

In the dark above my crib: spirals swirling.

In my held breath: Aurora borealis.