Four Way Books
Day Mark
by Lee Briccetti

ISBN: 1-884800-67-X
paper, 92 pages, $14.95

Lee Briccetti's poems have humor, wit, and quickness of empathy and imagination, as she 'unmakes and unmakes' such things as charm and force of personality, to consider questions of character. Her thought moves back and forth in time and between two cities, (psyches) of visible history—New York and Rome—and gravely accompanies us, wishing to lead wisely, into our Western night.

—Jean Valentine

Just when you figure Lee Briccetti couldn't possibly give anything more to American Poetry, along comes this surprising first book, vivid, bittersweet (in the best sense of the term), perfectly balanced between art and heart. How wonderful to discover that as she was shoring up the roof and walls of Poets House, she was also building this other space, where word, flesh, memory, and our urban desires (and dreads) can freely and fully co-mingle. Reading Day Mark will leave you at times near breathless over the way the image, the music and deep invention of the poet slot together. The really grand books of poetry hold many wondrous and terrible worlds. Here, dear reader, in your hands, you hold the door, and the key to one of these. You shouldn't wait to know what she knows.

—Cornelius Eady