Four Way Books
by Jennifer Denrow

ISBN: 978-1-935536-08-6
paper, 84 pages, $15.95

“I have loved Jennifer Denrow’s poems since the first moment I read them. They speak to the mirror of the self as it skids across the world. Despite the wound, the thing is the thing and the self is the self — these poems embody a kind of ipseity, a wholeness in the scattering….there are times when these poems feel like my best friend.”

—Eleni Sikelianos

“In Jennifer Denrow's California, California doesn't exist so it devastates us. It's like heaven that way: it's there just to remind us that we're already dead. In fact, very little is real in these obsessive poems— not the sky, not anything in it. We are just vowels amplified through a microphone full of throats.”

—Zachary Schomburg