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FOUR WAY BOOKS: Stuart Friebert, Funeral Pie
Four Way Books
Funeral Pie
Stuart Friebert

Winner of The Four Way Books
Award Series in Poetry
selected by Heather McHugh

ISBN: 1-884800-07-6
paper, 61 pages, $11.95

Praise For Stuart Friebert

. . .a recurring pleasure in this book is its vernacular approach to matters of mortal and philosophical moment...[I] celebrate the sharp sense of humor in this book.-Heather McHugh, judge

—For A

Said to exist chiefly
in tropical waters, where,
contrary to belief, depths
can be gloomy, full of
unnerving sadness, as if
a geological error and
diving down Neitzsche comes
to mind: not how one soul
comes closer to another,
but how it moves away,
tells about kinship.

We merely expect
a wallowing pleasure
when it turns a cold shoulder,
on the born side of creation,
as beside it human swimmers
do not seem to have matured:

it is the most alarming
of our qualities, while
the shark’s bloodless gaze
calls forth piety, then nausea.