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Four Way Books
Black Blossoms
by Rigoberto González

ISBN: 978-1-935536-15-4
paper, 72 pages, $15.95

Don”t you dare remove your black dress:
the sound of a garment mourning the loss

of your body”s comfort will break our hearts.
Pity the closet and its communion of hurt—

anemic blouses, slacks thin with hunger,
an evening gown left to wonder

if her dinner date will ever materialize.
Mama, if you're naked there will be less

of you to love. Already you walk around
hollow as the alley now that your husband”s

dead. Your eyes, like the alley”s puddle,
cannot hold on to light and must settle

for the fleeting faces of strangers.
They flash in passing. None will linger.

for Amelia Lira Madrigal