Four Way Books
The Cure
by Sarah Gorham

ISBN: 1-884800-51-3
paper, 67 pages, $14.95

Few poets have understood so fully that the heart is flesh. Sarah Gorham is deeply mindful of the world's graces even as she realizes that we are food for the stars. Empathetic yet tough-minded, resilient yet tender, her poems envision healing without denying the difficulties of containment and abandonment.

—Alice Fulton

We all know what's wrong around, and with us, but arriving at a cure is sometimes all but impossible. Then, occasionally, there's a severe, bracing voice, a touch, a retelling of what we have always heard, that makes every difference in how the world, even in the smallest oscillations, appears to us. That's poetry's revivifying gift. It's Sarah Gorham's abundance in The Cure.

—Dave Smith