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FOUR WAY BOOKS: Paul Jenkins, Radio Tooth
Four Way Books
Radio Tooth
Paul Jenkins

Winner of The Four Way Books
Award Series in Poetry
selected by Alberto Alvarez Ríos

ISBN: 1-884800-11-4
paper, 64 pages, $12.95

You have to stop searching
Until you find it
The borrowed woodcut buried all that year
A black Madonna in a peasant skirt
In the entire house nowhere
Its owner begging its return

Until one night flying low above the door
A little trickier through the doorframes
When I woke there she was in the very drawer

Or like the crystal set built in youth
Wrapping a toilet-paper tube with copper wire
The crystal gleaming like a silver molar
The night sky salted with stars
When I could hardly stand the hissing in my ears
The static weakened to a thread of music

Look with all your eyes
Listen with your bad tooth aching
Something’s out there