Four Way Books

Six Small Fires
by Paul Jenkins

ISBN: 1-884800-33-5
paper, 64 pages, $14.95

Praise for Radio Tooth

Jenkins' resolutions and truces are indomitably surreal; these poems—on geography, genetics, faith, and loss—are jokes and non-jokes at once, dazzlingly off, yet pure reportage . . . a wild inventiveness proves out a weird, heightened hope.

—The New Yorker

These energetic poems halt and plunge forward in associative bytes, facilitated by their lack of punctuation and Jenkins' terrific personal prosody, a style of phrasing which is both irregular and rhythmic.

—Tony Hoagland, Puerto del Sol

His revolutions on the "treadmill of sad-ness and consolation" produce luminous, resonant lyrics.

—Brian Henry, Harvard Review