Four Way Books
The Raving Fortune
by Noelle Kocot

ISBN: 1-884800-55-6
paper, 65 pages, $14.95

Dark matter and dark energy disturb the physicists. Noelle Kocot is already at ease with a split universe. She orchestrates her good wild poetry with an old constancy. But the usual contiguities don't hold; and the usual figures are defiantly cut apart. It's as if Jackson Pollock had splashed objects not paint—and didn't he? This all-overness in Kocot's poetry is overwhelming, full of doors after doors after doors, caprices, gardens and motives—and her unwavering voice.

— David Shapiro

Noelle Kocot's intimidating and inspiring presence perches on my shoulders every time I write a poem. I envy her energy and her absolute freedom. She has the ability to dive headlong into a powerful and dark emotional situation while remaining much too crafty to let the poem be merely melodramatic. She says I write very fast. There is something to this /I think. That something is a voracious, almost frantic appetite that finds poetry in everything. Even in The Jefferson's Weezie. Her power and her poems are an encouragement and a constant amazement.

—Matthew Rohrer