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FOUR WAY BOOKS: Sydney Lea--Reviews
Four Way Books
Young of the Year
by Sydney Lea

ISBN: 978-1-935536-10-9
paper, 88 pages, $15.95

“Masterly narrative, supple lyricism balanced by an unflinching honesty, Lea's poems inform and surprise the reader at every turn ... this extraordinary poet finds an elegance and beauty that can be glimpsed throughout his often harsh landscape.”

—Maxine Kumin

“At a time in American poetry when the long and happy marriage between imagination and experience seems to be drifting toward the shoals of divorce, it is heartening, even thrilling, to encounter a book as masterful and deeply felt as Sydney Lea’s Young of the Year. His subjects include the sorrows as well as familial delights of advancing age, and he writes as beautifully as ever about the natural world and the complex and often extraordinary lives of ordinary people ... Young of the Year is a necessary book of poems, as genuinely and brilliantly real and human as they get.”

—B.H. Fairchild