Four Way Books
Arrow Pointing North
by David Dodd Lee

ISBN: 1-884800-41-6
paper, 66 pages, $13.95

"David Dodd Lee's poems just don't work like anyone else's, they're far too possessed by their genius, beautiful, scary, saintly, grotesque—like the nature these poems confront us with again and again. This poet, brilliant and thoroughly unpretentious, is as a Huck Finn grown up, schooled, suffering stupefying jobs without equally stupefying complaint, going to what's left of the woods only to find savagery. And savagery turns out to be not what we ever thought it was, but instead, unending struggle, the strife that is the only source of justice: seasons of now exultant, now unforgivable moments: confrontations with nature that are encounters with a self always at some vanishing point, with no end move, only nerves and a largeness of mind assenting to its own saving graces. This is a fearless book of fears: there's nothing like it out there, though its strange world is immediately and utterly recognizable."

          —William Olsen