Four Way Books
The Tyranny of Milk
by Sara London

A Stahlecker Series Selection
ISBN: 978-1-935536-02-4
paper, 100 pages, $15.95

The river,
because an aging father
and his toddling daughter
negotiate the crisis of brush
along its oblivious ballad,
their voices, low
incantations and high,
compose the song
of the muddy bank. Because
the woods' felled oaks
barrel the once mill-fed
channel, the commerce of
noon merely a polite
skyward greeting now — trees
flagging their weary cousins
on the far side, tired light
winking on the water's
measured glide. Here,
behind neighborhoods,
strolling an Indian path perhaps,
we farm our flux of secrets,
and the river yields
passage in its furrow
so our hearts won't crack —
in autumn it ferries
the confusions of
spring, the sorrows
sequestered in the grasses
of summer. [...]