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FOUR WAY BOOKS: Sara London--Reviews
Four Way Books
The Tyranny of Milk
by Sara London

A Stahlecker Series Selection
ISBN: 978-1-935536-02-4
paper, 100 pages, $15.95

“Sara London’s The Tyranny of Milk reminds me how vital Memory is/remains to poetry. She recollects, recovers, recounts ‘muscular sacks of histories’ that are ours and hers. Her poems go beyond nostalgia to reveal how ‘memory wants more than it can keep.’ They discard conceptual gimmicks and empty wordplay in the name of clear-eyed utterance. This debut achieves a clarity that is transcendent and humanizing and unforgettable.”

—Terrance Hayes

“Sara London’s quirky, assured voice is at the heart of this book. Inventive and finely observant, her poems reel us in with their unpredictable considerations and digressions. Here, odd subjects are adroitly turned in the light of the familiar, while the common and ordinary are rendered strange, their underbellies exposed. The Tyranny of Milk is a distinctive, compelling book.”

—Cleopatra Mathis