Four Way Books
The Always Broken Plates of Mountains
by Rose McLarney

ISBN: 978-1-935536-19-2
paper, 80 pages, $15.95

The sows are in heat, squealing and pink.
The wild boar comes from the forest
to batter at their pen.

I go out and smash the ice
on the trough. The water
breaks free. This takes
a pick ax. Wielding it, I feel wild.

But the only strength in this story
is the fences'. Not even boars are wild -
imported for hunting a hundred years ago,
crossing the sea in a rich man's crate.

When I hang up the pick ax
it freezes to the nail, clinging as I do,
making my living elsewhere and

returning to farms after sunset,
the barns symbols
just discernable in the dark.