Four Way Books
The Always Broken Plates of Mountains
by Rose McLarney

ISBN: 978-1-935536-19-2
paper, 80 pages, $15.95

“Though thick with fences, barns, and livestock, The Always Broken Plates of Mountains is not a book about a way of life; it's a book about life beyond a single lifetime, the whole, continuous life of one place and the generations of human fidelity to it.  Pinched with grief, then soothed with beauty [...] McLarney observes a world charged with the 'magic of slowness,' a phrase that pulses with the truth…”

—Maurice Manning

“Rose McLarney's poems are work of the first order.  Unsentimental, empathic, informed by her unerring eye and ear, they are rooted in a specific quarter of the earth and speak to the complexities of fidelity, devotion, desire, and the force of time.”

—Jane Brox