Four Way Books
The Four Way Reader #2

ISBN: 1-884800-40-8
paper, 272 pages. $18.95

These are works of heft and elegance, ricochet and grace—lively voices ranging widely across subject matter and style. Consider Terri Ford's sexy, alchemical lyrics. Or Jeffrey Skinner's tattered, mostly tongue-in-cheek spirituality. There's precise mystery in Marianne Boruch's poems, and agitated humor in John Donoghue's. For work that tilts between the tragic and the ecstatic, read Frances Richard. Or Frankie Paino, whose poetry of longing and tortured faith shapes its own contrast to Sarah Gorham's, infused with a crisp, pastoral light. Carl Phillips's sleek, indelible poems offset the astonishing, urgent lyrics of Jean Valentine. Alison Moore's storytelling moves with upsweep and surprise, and Tereze Glck's with brisk, telescopic shifts in perception.