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FOUR WAY BOOKS: Jamie Ross, Vinland
Four Way Books
by Jamie Ross

Winner of the
2008 Four Way Books Intro Prize
selected by Brigit Pegeen Kelly
ISBN: 978-1-935536-99-4
paper, 82 pages, $15.95

A sweetness, she says, strange now
how the air tastes, in these wharf-

shapes that form the room. Like sugar
into water, for the spinning birds, a kind

of sticky pink and then the ocean, gray
again, they alternate. Like boxes—waves

of boxes, the black and then the white,
each one lisping Give a color, just a sound,

the one that goes across—

Her table, with its lozenge tray, sea-green
pills. A silent glass of water, that

never will be emptied. She drops her pencil
in my hand. Canoe, she says, eleven letters—

canoe, maroon canoe...