Four Way Books
by Jamie Ross

Winner of the
2008 Four Way Books Intro Prize
selected by Brigit Pegeen Kelly
ISBN: 978-1-935536-99-4
paper, 82 pages, $15.95

“Vinland assembles itself around the reader from different directions and dimensions the way the world assembles itself around an individual, through time and the trickeries of time, through weather and through thought, through experiences of many kinds, those of one person and those common to all, large experiences, and those that seem small but hold, lambs crying, or the play of light and shadow on a wall, [...] cattails exploding, or the slow fall of snow, through the ebb and flow of memory, and the convolutions of history, through fast and feast, gearshift and tuning fork, flood and drought, through numbers and through dreams, dreams of the day and dreams of the night, through the night and through the day, through the griefs that harrow us, and the visions that silence us, and the bonds of desire that bind us, first and last, lover to lover, man to the land, father to son, son to his beloved father.”

—Brigit Pegeen Kelly, Judge, Four Way Books Intro Prize