Four Way Books
Sublimation Point
by Jason Schneiderman

ISBN: 1-884800-61-0
paper, 65 pages, $14.95

Sweet, funny, sad, true: Sublimation Point, like a perfect pop song, makes the listener glad to be alive. Jason Schneiderman doesn’t strive for complication: he wins us over with rueful plain-speaking. Tragedy enters the picture, and becomes the frame.

—Wayne Koestenbaum

We can read these poems as miniatures, little worlds composed to magnify the drama of forces converting us, moment by moment, into who we are. Possessing a protean intelligence, a classical sensibility, and an inordinate appetite for the uncanny, Schneiderman seeks the point at which everything changes without an outward sign.

—Phillis Levin

Grave, sweetly questioning, often irreverently funny, Jason Schneiderman’s poems about love and death, the Holocaust and family history, self knowledge and self deception give this book a range and tonal variety that is extremely rare for any poet, let alone a first book.

—Tom Sleigh