Four Way Books
The Price of Light
by Pimone Triplett

Winner of the
2003 Levis Poetry Prize
selected by David St. John

ISBN: 1-884800-62-9
paper, 78 pages, $14.95

Girl for whom the job came as a crack in rockface, the sudden
              tomb-slip turned all door.

So that when she saw the lily spell itself there, seraphed on the wall
               of her father's house, she knelt

down for the rapture, the rupture, and started to dig. Wall through
               which the dead in those days

were carried for burial, delivered into, they prayed, His secrets
               held deeper than dirt.

On the night of the rock loosening beneath her fingers to gravel,
               to seconds falling ordinary

as hourglass, the little sands cinch-waisted, Palm Sunday, in Assisi,
               in the family house,

1212 A.D., she listened to the mice scurry and flirt in the hallway, then
               to the one dove's sound

of silken pebbles tumbling in its throat. Turns out later they asked,
               for what, the mother and father,

getting up for the scream, running to find her there in rubble, blood
               rivering steep down her arms

by then, instant the wall fell, and first light entered, and she stepped
               clean through.