Four Way Books
Train Dance
by Jonathan Wells

ISBN: 978-1-935536-14-7
paper, 72 pages, $15.95

“These poems go from 0 to 60 in under 1.5 seconds, and they can turn on a dime, each word lined up, steaming, shimmering, tilting through smoke and tinsel, signal towers, 'shingled light', to where 'naked beech trees knit/ a fence to keep time and chance away'. Jonathan Wells' Train Dance transports the reader to destinations 'higher than the minds of the stars' geometers'.”

—Dorianne Laux

“Charting the many stations and terminals of any passage through a life, from awe of first encounters to those powerful mysteries of adult passage, Jonathan Wells is always an eloquent, meditative, and lyrical guide.

—David St. John