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FOUR WAY BOOKS: Susan Wheeler, Smokes
Four Way Books
Susan Wheeler

Winner of The Four Way Books
Award Series in Poetry
selected by Robert Hass

ISBN: 1-884800-19-X
paper, 59 pages, $12.95

Praise For Susan Wheeler

"Smokes" contains elegies, poems of urban and domestic angst, alments, invectives, cakewalks, struts. It's very much of the moment, but it is also a deeply literary book". - Robert Hass

The girls are drifting in their ponytails
and their pig iron boat. So much for Sunday.
The dodo birds are making a racket
to beat the band. You could have come too.

The girls wave and throw their garters
from their pig iron boat. Why is this charming?
Where they were nailed on their knees
the garters all rip. You were expected.

The youngest sees a Fury in a Sentra
in a cloud. This is her intimation and she balks.
The boat begins rocking from the scourge
of the sunset. The youngest starts the song.