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FOUR WAY BOOKS: Monica Youn, Ignatz
Four Way Books
by Monica Youn

Finalist for the
2010 National Book Award in Poetry

A Stahlecker Series Selection
ISBN: 978-1-935536-01-7
paper, 82 pages, $15.95

A gauze bandage wraps the land
and is unwound, stained orange with sulfates.

A series of slaps molds a mountain,
a fear uncoils itself, testing its long

cool limbs. A passing cloud
seizes up like a carburetor

and falls to earth, lies broken-
backed and lidless in the scree.

Acetylene torches now snug
in their holsters, shop-vacs

trundled back behind the dawn.
A mist becomes a murmur, becomes

a moan rising from dust-
choked fissures in the rock O pity us

Ignatz O come to us by moonlight
O arch your speckled body over the earth.