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FOUR WAY BOOKS: C. Dale Young, The Second Person
Four Way Books
The Second Person
by C. Dale Young

ISBN: 978-1-884800-76-4
paper, 75 pages, $14.95

had grown to love absence,
and so, the lot had to be vacant
except for the lone tree.
The first, on arrival, would

throw his hands up, reaffirm
that with a gesture he could
return the leaves to the branches.
Another, tired from the journey,

would lie down
and, closing his eyes, hasten
the demise of the locusts.
It was always the same.

A week, a century, the empty lot.
The last architect, the great
philosopher, was late as usual—
when they talked about the end,

he would laugh and remind them
they were now at the mercy
of the scientists, without whom
the architects would cease to exist.