Four Way Books
by C. Dale Young

ISBN: 978-1-935536-06-2
paper, 100 pages, $15.95

“C. Dale Young's poems employ sly forms of repetition, touching back to phrases we've already encountered as if to guide us […] "Stitch up the faggot in Bed 6," goes the most harrowing of Young's refrains; the speaker does exactly that, mending what he can. And the poet, likewise, brings all his strength to bear on the necessary work of art, which is also a means of tending and of stitching, a craft that by its very artfulness implies the possibility of hope. ”

—Mark Doty

“With clarity and precision, the poems uncover the secrets of blood and lust and heart, the nature of selfhood, and the accompanying larger social and political implications of identity. Beneath all this is a quest for beauty and evidence of the poet’s deeply humane intelligence and the breadth of his sensibilities.”

—Natasha Trethewey