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director and founding editor

Martha Rhodes

founding editors

Jane Brox

Helen Fremont

Dzvinia Orlowsky

associate directors

Sally Ball

Ryan Murphy

financial director

Jeffery Morehouse

assistant editor and publicist

Victoria McCoy

associate editors

Bridget Bell

Cynthia Lowen

Kathleen Ossip

Ross Middleton

Jonathan Thirkield


Vesna Neskow, President

Martha Rhodes, Vice President

Jeffery Morehouse, Treasurer

Rebecca Okrent, Secretary


Beth Harrison

David Lee

Owen Lewis

Zachary Pace

Dara-Lyn Shrager

James Snyder

Marjorie Tesser

Ellen Bryant Voigt

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Four Way Books

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Four Way Books is a not-for-profit literary press dedicated to publishing poetry and short fiction by emerging and established writers.

Each year, Four Way Books publishes the winners of its national poetry competitions, as well as collections accepted through general submission, panel selection, and solicitation by the editors.

Four Way Books is grateful for contributions from individual donors and private foundations. All donations to the press are tax-deductible.